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Standby Generator Service

Electrician Clarksville Standby Generator ServiceExperts at generator installation

We cannot always avoid power outages. We at Electricians Clarksville, TN offer a generator service and are ready to install your portable and standby generator system. We do this quick but with precision to provide you with a plan B  as a backup. Find out more!

Clarksville, TN Generator services

A standby generator is one reliable way to get your own power when the lights go off. Thus, at Clarksville, TN, we provide a variety of standby generators, portable generators and installation services.

When considering installing your generator, we have licensed electricians that offer 24/7 service. Our customer service team is always on standby when you need them. You can count on us.

Our Services

Our services include, but not limited to the following:

  • Outlet installation
  • Cable inspections
  • Wiring
  • Maintenance
  • Smoke detectors
  • Panel repairs
  • Wiring upgrade

What we consider before we install your generator

A detailed manual guide comes along with your generator set. However, with our generator services, licensed experts will inspect the following:

  • Type of generator, whether standby generator or portable
  • Location of the generator
  • Installation point
  • Connection between fuel line and electrical switch
  • Service panel to decide if it’s going to be one phase or three phase power
  • If it’s diesel, gas, or electric
  • Exhaust pipe hangers

We do a total inspection and even much more, before we begin the installation process. This is necessary because we want to meet all safety requirements to avoid any impeding hazard that comes along with age or long usage of the generator set. In other words, your safety is our concern.

Installation Costs

Our quotes vary, based on the size of the generator. The size has to meet the electrical loads and built in capacity so that damage can be reduced. Our licensed experts are ready to give you the best quotes. Furthermore, with access to the best generators in the market, we’ll secure a backup power source that suits your personal needs and budget.

Our fast, responsive service, combined with affordable pricing, has put us ahead of other generator companies.  You never have to worry about our expertise. In addition, our services are affordable. Give us a try!

After Installation Service

Gens need regular maintenance if it must last for a very long time. They serve as backups, so you must be careful so that they do not fail.  Always plan a maintenance schedule in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

However, Electrician Clarksville generator services will give you regular updates on the next service after installation.  You might even get a discount on scheduled servicing. Call us now!

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